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iPhone 6 Repair

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We have the fastest iPhone, iPad, etc. service with our professionally trained team. We repair the device with high-quality parts so that you don’t have to face that problem again and again.

Having Problem with iPhone 6?

We are happy to announce that iFix Technology is growing very fast and its customers are increasing day by day. The most amazing thing about ifix technology is our repairing quality and fast service.

We can fix all types of issues with iPhone 6 (all models) at affordable price.

iPhone 6 Front screen & Panel Replacement

When iPhone 6 came to market, millions of people used it and loved it but now it’s old now and it’s hard to find the newer parts for the screen. Don’t worry, we can still replace the damaged screen in under 60 minutes. We can replace your screen at a good price.

Repair Type Price
Front-screen replacement Call for Price
Front-panel replacement
iPhone 6 Front & Back camera Repair

We can fix your iPhone 6/6s/6+ camera lens so that you can catch amazing moments clear as crystal. iFix provides quick service and fast repairing service with free pickup service to the customers in Canada. 

Repair Type Price
iPhone 6 (All Models) Back Camera Repair Call for Price
iPhone 6 (All Models) Front Camera Repair
iPhone 6/6s/6+ Camera Lens Repair
iPhone 6 Battery Replacement

As iPhone 6 is an older model so after some time battery might need replacement. It can cause battery issues especially when you are traveling. We can replace your battery and restore its health to 100% in 60 minutes.

Repair Type Price
iPhone 6/6s Battery replacement Call for Price
iPhone 6+ Battery replacement
iPhone 6 Buttons, Internal parts, sensors Repair

Home Button and sensors are one of the most used parts of an iPhone. You might have to see n home button clicking issue, or not responding sometimes due to the touch sensor problems. We can replace or fix the sensor problem for iPhone 6 & restore it good as new in 30-60 minutes.

Repair Type Price
iPhone 6 Power Button Repair Call for Price
iPhone 6 Charging Port Repair
iPhone 6 Sensor Repair
iPhone 6 Water Damage Repair

Liquid damage can burn the internal parts of an iPhone such as the board, IC, or sensors. If you left your iPhone in water for too much time or repair it before, the chances are it’s damaged internally. IFIX technology deals with all kinds of liquid damage repairs with genuine parts to make it good as new.

Repair Type Price
Water Damage Circuit Call for Price
Water Damage Complete
iPhone 6 Software Installation & Unlock

iPhone 6 is an older device with many bugs and improvements that needs updating for running newer apps. We are here to diagnose any software related with our software experts. Contact us and get your mobile unlocked if it is locked somehow.

Repair Type Price
Software Unlock Call for Price
Software Re (install)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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